Pure Argan Oil for Body - Natural Moisturizer (30 ml)

Pure Argan Oil for Body - Natural Moisturizer (30 ml)

This organic argan body oil accelerates healing of your dry irritated skin with 100% natural ingredients. Instantly transform your skin from dry and uncomfortable to visibly smooth and deeply hydrated. You’ll love touching your healthy glowing skin again. No added ingredients, non-greasy, for sensitive skin.
Made in Italy
Our 100% pure argan oil repairs and heals your dry rough skin intensely as well as gently since it contains no added fragrances or alcohols like so many popular lotions do. Argan oil is a natural chemical-free solution for people suffering from skin problems.

Reduce any skin redness, dryness, itching, and irritation and return your skin to an incredibly soft, elastic, and moisturized state with the following blend of vitamins:
  • Vitamin A stimulates collagen production and cell repair, giving you stronger, more elastic and healthier skin that is less likely to become broken and dry.
  • Vitamin E is an antioxidant that reduces cell damage from within. This in turn reduces redness and inflammation of the visible top layer of your skin.
  • Vitamin F, a combination of essential fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6, forms a fatty membrane to protect your skin cells and prevent moisture from leaving your skin.

  • Argan Body Oil Can Heal a Variety of Skin Problems
    Our argan oil for body is referred to as “Liquid gold” because its powerful vitamin profile was designed by nature to promote healing of numerous skin problems. In addition to deep hydration for dry skin, argan oil helps you find relief from:
  • Bed Sores (Pressure Ulcers): Soothes burning and irritation while promoting cell turnover and healing.
  • Eczema: Strengthens the skin’s cell membranes to keep moisture from escaping. Reduces inflammation for normal itch-free skin.
  • Diaper Rash: Soothes delicate baby skin and reduces and prevents redness and irritation.
  • Psoriasis: Eliminates burning and stinging and reduces build-up of dry skin flakes.
  • Stretch Marks, Wrinkles and Fine Lines: Boosts collagen production and blood circulation, resulting in visibly firmer and more toned skin.

  • 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil for Your Body
    You deserve better than to go through life with dry irritated skin. With natural argan oil you can have soft, hydrated, normal skin without risking any side effects from chemical laden lotions. Mother Nature has gifted us a solution to return your skin to healthy and beautiful.
  • 100% organic certified by ECOCERT
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • No chemical additives such as mineral oil or paraffin
  • Vegan and Halal friendly
  • Quick-absorbing, Non-greasy
  • Light natural scent that dissipates quickly

  • Have peace of mind of being comfortable in your own skin again – that it not only feels great but looks great too.

    Repair Hair Treatment *mini
    Repair Hair Treatment *mini
    The Shampoo with Argan Oil is a deep repairing treatment since the hair is envolved in a restructuring film. It hidrates and protects thanks to Silk proteins and Aloe. The Conditioner reinforces capilar fiber and entangles the hair by means of Grain proteins, an element that contributes to an easy hairstyle. Pure Argan Oil, with the precious addition of Organic Honey, add nutrition and shine, from the roots to the hair ends.
    Directions for Use:
  • After the shower: to massage the body, antiage effect.
  • In the bath: add some drops to the water to soften the skin and neutralize water hardness.
  • Brittle nails and fragile hair: to nourish and strengthen.
  • Face: hydrating and antiage action.
  • Stretch marks: for a more elastic skin.
  • Shaving: apply some drops before shaving to soften and others after shave to avoid irritations.
  • Breast: massage daily with some oil drops to achieve elasticity and muscular tone.
  • Psoriasis: eliminates stinging and reduces skin peeling.
  • Eyelashes: apply the oil on the eyelashes to reinforce them and promote their growing.
  • Pressure ulcers: promotes skin healing as eliminates burning and irritation.
  • Small children: when it's time to change the nappy, apply some oil on the child skin to prevent irritations (redness). Suitable also to hydrate the skin after the bath.