Antiage Set

Antiage Set

24-Hour Cream Antiage + Pure Argan Oil
Made in Italy
The 24-Hour Cream Antiage achieves a protective and long lasting action on the skin against harmful agents. In addition, the Pure Argan Oil nourishes in deep, adds tone to the skin and fights free radicals.


  • 24-Hour Cream Antiage (50 ml / 1.68 Oz.) - with Argan, Moringa, Jaluronic Acid, Vitamin E. It hydrates, protects, nourishes, repairs and strengthens the skin face. Suitable to prevent early aging.

  • Pure Argan Oil (100 ml / 3.40 Oz.) - Rich in vitamins and essential oils. To give tone, help fortify and protect the cell membrane.

  • Availability: In Stock
  • Expiration Date: 12-2020
  • Manufacturer: EuroArgán