Modality of Shipment and Delivery Time

EuroArgan.Com offers an online service where our customers can purchase our excellent products which contribute to a better life quality in order to achieve a healthy aging.
We provide a new Made in Italy Cosmetics line, based on Argan: Pure oil, Creams, Personal hygiene and face and body care products.

We arrange both national and international shipments (for the international, please consult your own country's Customs Policy).

National Shipments:
Madrid Area: available the service of payment against delivery in 24/48 hrs.
NOTE: free with a minimum purchase of 40 Euros.

Peninsular Spain and Portugal: fast shipping with delivery in 24/72 hrs.
NOTE: free service with a minimum purchase of 40 Euros.

Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla: fast shipping by courier with delivery in approximately 72 hrs.
NOTE: free service with a minimum purchase of 40 Euros.

International Shipments:
Europe: fast shipping by courier in many of the European Countries or registered shipping by mail. Delivery from 4 to 6 working days.
NOTE: free service with a minimum purchase of 40 Euros (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland, Czech Republic).

USA, Canada and Mexico: registered shipping with tracking number, delivery from 3 to 7 working days.
NOTE: free service with a minimum purchase of 40 Euros.

Rest of the world: registered shipping with tracking number. The delivery time will depend on the destination.
NOTE: the customer must check his country's customs requirements for the entry of the products that he wants to purchase.

Normal Delivery Time:
For the European Economic Community, shipments are fast in most member countries and the time of delivery is usually within 6 working days.
For USA we have a fast delivery service that can only be delayed for Customs control. However, it does not usually exceed 7 working days.
For Latin America the delay may be longer due to Customs controls in many of the countries in this area.

Foreign purchase with delivery in Europe:
EuroArgan.Com allows you to purchase in almost every country in the world. Even if it is largely a matter of products for personal consumption, there may still be some countries that restrict the entry into their territory of any of our products by its nature, formulation or various policies.
The user of our pages can receive the products in any valid address that he decides, regardless of the place where the purchase was made. EuroArgan.Com will send the order to the address indicated by the customer.
Shipping and delivery in European destinations are generally faster, less expensive and more likely to respect delivery terms in 96% of cases.

With regard to this argument, and as an example, we quote real situations that occurred lately:
  • A user bought from Mexico City (Mexico) and had his products shipped to Valencia (Spain), where a relative lives. Then this person travelled to Mexico.
  • A customer from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) bought his products and asked us to send his order to Coimbra (Portugal) where he had to travel for working reasons.
  • An Argentine customer from Rosario (Argentina), who was travelling to Italy for tourism, requested us us to send the products to the Hotel in Bologna (Italy).
  • A user bought from Beijing (China) and gave us an address in Paris (France) where a family member is studying. We sent the products there.
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